Medical Device Advice

Medical Device Advice

Camilla Wamberg Munkesø

With a background within natural science and International Business, Camilla Wamberg Munkesø is specialized within Regulatory Affairs and Medical Devices. After 13 years in the healthcare industry, her primary expertise is within class III medical devices and combination products.


  1. Regulatory Affairs
  2. World wide product registrations
  3. Product development
  4. Clinical Evaluation
  5. RA/QA leadership


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Udvalgte projekter og opgaver


Regulatory affairs, device/drug combination products, 1½ years 2019/2020

Kunde: Danish medium size company

Clinical Evaluation for a class IIa device, 6 months, 2019/2020

Kunde: Danish start-up company

Regulatory affairs, drug/device combination products, 1½ years, 2017/2018

Kunde: Danish global market leader

Various Danish and international start-up companies 2016-2018